What is that sound

Application was created for private children day care. Children can play and learn at the same time.

Game gole  is to teach children animals ant animal sounds.

The game engine is build that it can be reused on different age groups and different games.

My project

App was created for company LTD “Inarchis” to control projects, tasks and meetings.

Application was developed for construction project management. It was designed so that various participants can be connected  in one space.

App is used as company CRM. Installed integrations with different systems, such as: Google calender, Gmail and others.

Client: LTD „Inarchis“


Guess Who

From naming celebrities, to singing, to silly accents – guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your friends’ clues before the timer runs out!
Play one of the many exciting categories, or create a category all your own!


Play with one friend, or one hundred at the same time.
Draw a new card simply by tilting your phone.
Diverse categories let you challenge your colleagues, friends and kids.

Decks include:

And lots more!


A modern style website which presents the the products the company solds was created for the LTD “Prezo” bread, cakes and other baked products distribution
Client: LTD „Prezo“
Technologies used: PHP, WordPress content management system, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

Vilniaus juvelyrika

An online store was created for the LTD “Puke, Prekybos Namai” managing gemstone, gold and silver products shop network. The online store is user-friendly, intuitive and creating a positive user experience not only for owners of personal computers but also for users of mobile devices. The developed electronic commerce solution is adapted to mobile devices.

Client: LTD „Pukė, Prekybos Namai“
Technologies used: PHP, OpenCart content management system, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.